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Wireless Processing

Limited to cash or check?  Today, wireless credit card machines have given mobile merchants access to credit card authorization networks. If you a business, you can now accept credit cards from anywhere. Accepting payments couldn't be easier.

nurit-8000-wirelessWireless Terminals

If you do business at a mobile location such as a trade show, stadium, or on customer premises or from multiple locations, you now have the ability to offer additional payment options. Powerful GPRS-enabled wireless terminals allow you to accept credit and debit card payments in real time from just about anywhere! You can now perform business more professionally and without error or missed payments.

virtual-gatewayVirtual Gateways

We can provide you with several payment gateways option.  These are for processing transactions through your computer with a Virtual Terminal for “real time” processing.  Use it to integrate a shopping cart setup on your website. If your business plans to extend Internet sales, we can provide you a solution.

Mobile Payments

iphone-payWireless processing has come a long way.  To accept mobile payments it required a special merchant account and a separate wireless terminal. Today, smartphones has created an entirely new way of accepting credit cards. We can provide solutions that integrate seamlessly with a virtual terminal. You'll be able to process transactions over a website, smartphone, or manually.  Wireless processing has become very flexible!